The 7 Fashion Accessories You Need to Pack Before Your Vacation

The 7 Fashion Accessories You Need to Pack Before Your Vacation

Being stylish and fashionable is a highly desirable quality that all ladies strive for. When it comes to vacationing, accomplishing this becomes a little trickier. You’re often limited luggage wise. Whether due to airline limitations or the ever frustrated puzzled look your hubby gives you.

Fear not! As frustrating of an endeavor as it seems, there is still chance to create a highly satisfying list of the fashion accessories you need to pack for your vacation. The following accessories will allow you to maintain your style and appearance while reducing some of your pre-vacation jitters. Of course, they will also help you look like the knockout that you are.

1. Sunglasses

It is no coincidence that this list begins with sunglasses, which are arguably the single most important fashion accessory during vacations. They should come as no surprise. After all, sunglasses not only enrich one’s appearance, but also serve as a practical and necessary way to protect one’s eyesight from getting sun related damage. If you’re traveling along with your small ones, you may want to pick a few pairs for them as well.

2. Shoes

You might think, duh, right? Well, not really. Many women consider nothing but fashion when taking certain shoes for their vacation. The trick here is to select a pair of shoes that is both fashionable and comfortable. This is especially true if your vacation might take you adventuring. Flats or Sandals offer a variety of styles that will show off your gorgeous legs without causing sore ankles. Those who prefer to wear boots will be glad to learn that there are some incredibly sturdy, cozy and fashionable pairs in the market. Remember to look for ones that feature breathable material with cushioning support for your legs to rest in.

3. Scarves

As you may already know, scarves are among the key fashion enhancing accessories for ladies. While they are quite practical during winter, lightweight scarves enable you to add another layer of style in all sorts of weather. Many women fail to realize the endless ways a scarf can be worn. There’s the standard simple wrap, which is beautiful in its right. However, there are also options for using the scarf as a hair bun, a gorgeous tie, a kimono wrap, or even as a belt.

4. Handbags

The handbag is one of the best ways to ensure a comfortable organization of your must have fashion accessories while simultaneously enriching your fashion style. Picking a bag that can demonstrate your sense of style is imperative. Make sure you don’t pick a bag that is too large, as tempting as that may be for carrying purposes. If you’re planning a beach vacation, consider using a bag with zippers that allow full enclosure. Your bag will thank you for it. Getting sand in an expensive handbag or purse is quite the bummer.

5. Tights

Tights are primarily practical during cold weather and provide a great way to enrich some of the less lively outfits. There are some adorable designs available today.

6. Jewelry

Take one or two pieces of jewelry. Part of the appeal that jewelry offers is enhanced when minimized. Over accessorizing is a common theme with many women. Consider taking one of your favorite necklaces to match with your favorite pair of earrings. In the case of necklaces and bracelets, it’s advisable to pick intelligently when to wear them to avoid theft. Wearing expensive jewelry during dinner is fine and dandy, but not for a stroll in the market.

7. Belts

It is no secret that a belt is a woman’s best friend. Not only does it ensure that your dress stays in place, but it also adds another layer of story to your fashion statement. The sheer amount of colors and patterns available in the belt market makes it one of the most fun fashion accessories.

All in all, while some of you fashionistas are raising your eyebrows, you’ll be surprised at how effective such a list can be. Keep in mind that simplicity will enhance your overall look when you want to stand out as a diva in her right.

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