How to Style a Scarf in the Summer

Warm weather is just around the corner, and everyone will be wearing light, bright colors and fabrics. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up scarves. Sure, put away the thick, wool scarves that you’ve been wearing with your heavy coats simply to keep you warm.

But keep those beautiful silk scarves at the front of your accessory trays. They’re going to be surprisingly helpful this summer. You’re going to fall in love with them all over again.

Fifties Fab

Whether on the way to work or on the way to the market on the weekend, a delicate swipe of color at your neck in the form of a shorter scarf is perfect. You’ll look like a modern Audrey Hepburn.

If you’re out and about, and the weather gets windy, just whip that scarf off your neck and tie your hair back. One groovy look becomes another. You might like that convenience so much that you decide to carry a smaller scarf in your handbag all the time, just in case you need a headscarf on a moment’s notice.

Executive Pop

On those days when you have to wear a jacket to the office but would like to show a bit of flair, too, take a long, silk scarf and wrap it around your body, tying it at your neck to form a blouse. If you aren’t comfortable with just the knot, place the knot at the front next to your neck and secure it with an antique broach. Slip on a more sedate jacket, and you now have a fabulous contrast to give the office fashionistas something to talk about for the week.

And when the clock strikes Quitting Time, you can take the jacket off and know that you look smashingly sexy for cocktail hour.

Shirtdress Success

Have you already bought your cute, little denim shirtdress that’s on everyone’s “it” list this summer? Try wrapping your favorite scarf around your waist and belting that dress with it.

Does it look better wrapped and tied at your side with the ends hanging loose (in the classic Pirate style)? Or do you prefer a more reserved look? If so, just keep wrapping until almost all of the fabric is looped around you. Tuck the ends into the loops. Secure the ends with bobbie pins and hide in the fabric. Everyone will be asking where you got the amazing new cummerbund-style belt. Don’t be surprised if you start your own trend.

Scarf Swimtime

Your favorite scarf that flowed around your neck during those cold months may now be transformed – like a beautiful butterfly – into a swimsuit sarong. Knot it at your waist as a flowing skirt with a bikini top or knot it at one shoulder for a little more cover for your walk to the pool or beach.

That scarf was just aching for a little sun, just like you.

Crowning Glory

Is your hair long and glorious? Do you sport that pixie that everyone secretly envies? With either option, a scarf may become your go-to casual hair accessory.
If your hair is long, try weaving a scarf into your braid the next time you braid your hair. That little unexpected pop of color will be astonishing. You’ll love it.

If your hair is shorter, take your fave scarf and fold it like you’re making a paper airplane (think back to when you were a kid). Take the long, lean fold and wrap it around your head and tie into a snug knot at your temple. Use a color that brings out your eye color.

You don’t have to give up your scarves just because the weather turns warmer. A couple of sassy silk scarves and your summer is ready to be fabulous.

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