8 Styling Tips for Wedding Season

Summer has come, and with it the wedding season. With this in mind, you may consider getting hitched in your own right, or you may have your planner fully booked for all the weddings you will attend. One can’t help but wonder during such hectic months, “What am I supposed to wear?” This is a common dilemma for both men and women. If you’re thinking about going to a wedding, but don’t know what to wear, think again.

There are innumerable options to choose from with regards to wedding fashions – whether you’re contemplating on what to wear for during a friend or family member’s wedding, or even for your own.

It’s true, weddings can be hectic and stressful, but nothing can be more stressful that worrying about what to wear. Here are 8 styling tips for wedding season that should help inspire you about what to wear:

Step One: Think outside the box.

If weddings have always been a ‘black and white’ affair in your consciousness, look towards redefining that standard by planning a wedding theme outside the stereotypical black-and-white. Colors like pastels and even more outrageous hues like plaids and checks can be successfully integrated into wedding attire. People have lately become more open to the outré, and a wedding isn’t merely a bore of an occasion but it should also be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Go for simple tops and bold colored pants or skirts, or opt to play safe with pastels – just don’t feel obligated to stick to the panda-style!

Step Two: Go for classic – with a twist!

Long and flowing dresses for women and smartly cut and well-tailored suits for men are always stunners when it comes to wedding attire. But sticking with the classics tends to be monotonous. You can spruce things up a bit by opting for long and flowing dresses with tribal accentuating prints. Or, go for the extremely ‘classical’ look with baroque embroidery. It is stylish to keep the cut and flow sleek and modern. Men can also get away with re-defining their somewhat boring wardrobe by opting for patterned cloths. Clothes like jacquard or richer fabrics like velvet for their suits.

Step Three: Make it sexy, but simple.

Even if weddings are fun, they still are solemn and sacred occasions. Opting for well-tailored dresses that fit you, which are long enough and not too revealing is appropriate attire. Dresses like these exude class and refinement, rather than reveling attire that draws attention away from the bride and bridesmaids.

Step Four: Accessorize tastefully.

Most of us can go overboard with accessories. Keeping things simple – a necklace here, matching earrings there, a discrete bracelet or an ornate bangle or two and you’re good to go. You can actually opt for more glamor by choosing tasteful jewelry which is antique looking. Wearing this kind of jewelry is extremely popular right now; provided that you don’t look like a walking bling-store. It is always a good idea to wear simple yet elegant jewelry choices to weddings.

Step Five: Go for eye-poppers.

Not in the ‘risqué’ sense, that is. Eye popping color combinations like solid colors paired with patterned metallic hues make for excellent contrast. And, this is excellent for weddings that are less keen on being strictly black-tie affairs. Men and women both can benefit from being a little more creative with color-combos at weddings.

Step Six: Consider your heritage.

Taking a cue from your heritage’s costumes or traditional attire can make for an excellent icebreaker if you’ve run out of ideas for a wedding get-up. Who doesn’t want to honor long-held traditions by going to a wedding or even being wed in traditional attire?

Step Seven: Take the multicultural approach.

Do you have a thing for everything Scottish? Is your wife or husband from an Asian heritage? Why don’t you integrate these diverse cultural passions into a unique and entirely amazing themed wedding concept with matching attire? You don’t have to be Japanese or Scottish to sport their attire to a wedding, nor should you be constricted solely by the givens of your culture!

Step Eight: Themed weddings with themed attire.

Spring weddings are great fun, especially if your wedding is relegated to close friends and family. The standard things needn’t apply, and even any of the above mentioned pale in comparison to the full-blown themed wedding concepts. If all else falls short of your expectations, do a themed wedding! Go as Aragorn and Arwen and have all your guests dress up as elves. Be the Jedi Lady who weds your Sith Lord and have everyone be their favorite Star Wars characters! The possibilities are truly endless!

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